Great. It’s Monday and I’m already ranting!

So lately I’ve been kicking myself for not posting the already-drafted posts about the three novels I’ve read since beginning my PhD, yet somehow when an issue like this comes up, I have to stop what I’m doing and vent about it.

Where do I start? D’y’know hyperlinks? Those nifty pieces of text that you can click on to provide you with text that clarifies or provides further information about what you were initially reading? It’s genius and it’s everywhere these days. In fact, although I cannot say who this was, I know someone who became so acclimatized to the world of hypertext that, while putting together a corporate e-blast, simply underlined and coloured the text blue, assuming that that’s just how links are made!

Well, I can’t jump to judgement anymore. Opening up a couple glossaries of literary terms today, I was inundated with the bold print associated with cross-referencing terms. At one point, I involuntarily ran my fingers over a bolded word, hoping it would redirect me to the cross-referenced term. No joke. And then I tossed the text aside in frustration of the text’s user-unfriendly interface. Also not a joke.

Does this mean that this old Shakespearean is ready for the age of the iPad?



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3 responses to “Great. It’s Monday and I’m already ranting!

  1. Pete

    It’s like search. The world (and more importantly, books) don’t have built in search. Sometimes you have to read literally tens of pages to find what you’re looking for. Tens!

    Seriously, I wish books had built in search.

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