A little about me and my blog

My name is Erin and I read books. It’s what I do. It’s what I was meant to do and what I want to do. I don’t apologize for loving books, and call myself an ‘enthusiast’ or ‘book lover’, because those show how proud I am of my love of reading and my participation in book history. When I was younger, my mom got me to keep lists of what I read. I slacked off a couple of years ago and regret it. I realize that there’s no better time than the present to get back to cataloging my readings, as well as giving short summaries, reviews, analogies, and possibly even suggestions for further readings.

This blog will be a bit different from my Shakespeare blog, which can be found at bardolator23.wordpress.com. Why I Love Shakespeare is meant for people who have studied Shakespeare at some point, didn’t understand the ‘big deal’ about his work, and wanted to give up. I push them not to give up by showing them what the big deal about his work is: why I love Shakespeare.

This blog is different for several reasons. First: this blog will be less formal. I will speak both colloquially and esoterically, but these posts will be less rehearsed…hopefully more blog-ish! Next, I will not be teaching the way I do in Why I Love Shakespeare. That blog is intended to help others but this one is to help myself, first and foremost. I don’t like words like ‘geek’, ‘nerd’, or ‘bookworm’ because they’re apologetic. These musings are for my future self to remember the quality and value of the books I’ve read and I can’t remember. I may read books you haven’t read or make analogies about books or current events you might find childish or silly, but if you enjoy a mix of high and low culture, the immature and the esoteric, then enjoy! I hope that reading this blog will guide you towards a wealth of new books to devour!


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